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Visual Termite Inspections:

Stewarts Pest Control prides itself on the quality of work it carries out and providing the best service we can to our customers. All termite inspections we carry out are a followed with a full report.

The report is to all areas visually accessible. We inspect in the roof, inside the building, under the floor (if applicable) and the surrounding grounds within a fifty meter radius.

The Stewarts report details any visual live termites at the property. The Stewarts report will tell you where the termites are and how extensive the infestation is. It will also detail what species of termite was found at the property.

The report goes over any past visual termite damage. This is very important especially if you are purchasing a property. If there is extensive visual termite damage in the roof, or other areas of the property it may need to be replaced. Other reports that do not detail past or old damage at the property will not alert you to this.

The Stewarts report details any high risk areas. This means any areas that are likely to be an attractant to termites. This is so you can help prevent termite infestations at the property and you are aware of these areas.

The Stewarts report will detail what type of building it is, if there are any areas that we are unable to gain access to and why. It will also say whether we recommend gaining access to any areas.

If you would like a Stewarts Visual Termite Inspection Report carried out at your existing property, or a property you are purchasing contact us now.

Termite Damage to stump up to ant cap:

Termite damage to stump up to ant cap

Termites in Roof Beams:

Termites in roof beams

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