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Q  Why do you only treat the outside ?

A  The reason for regular external treatment is to stop any pest build up and keep pests from entering the property.

Q Is there any limit to treatment ?

A See termites other then this
WE WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES                                                    

Q what do i do if i find a snake/bees ?

A Snakes and bees are on our priority danger list and subsequently are classified as an emergency call out with both we ask you to:

1. Phone us immediately
2. Keep a safe distance away
3. Monitor the situation
4. Keep clear when our trained staff arrive to deal with the situation

We will leave regular work to respond to these calls

Q What do i do if Termites are found ?

A  Termite monitoring outside is included should activity be found our technician can and will make an appointment to explain your options and cost from here.

Q Can i have other pests included ?

A yes, you just have to let our consultant know what pests you want treated  , usually we can accommodate most situations ,the pests listed are the most common encountered