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April 2009:

These pictures were taken while we were treating a demountable building. Because there is inadequate distance between the soil and the bearers their termites are able to build their leads directly from the soil to the flooring.

Termites in demountable building infestation 1 Termites in demountable building infestation 2 Termites in demountable building infestation 3 Termites in demountable building infestation 4


The pictures below were taken by one of our operators while doing a routine Annual Termite Inspection. As you can see from the picture above, termite activity is not always easy to detect.

Termites activity 1 Termites activity 2 Termites activity 3 termites activity 5

Termites and Their Damage:

August 2009:

This Termite activity is coming up behind the hot water system. The owner was not aware of the activity and it was found while our operator was treating sleepers and stumps in the yard.

Termites damage hot water system

These are pictures or our termite traps.

This before:

Termites trap before

This is after when the termites have infested the Termite Trap:

Termite infested trap 1 Termite infested trap 2 Termite infested trap 3 Termite infested trap 4 Termite infested trap 5

Termites Under a Subfloor:

Below are pictures from under a subfloor. The termites had built many galleries from the untreated subfloor to the timber floor to gain access into the building. Here the ant caps were of no use, as the termites entered the building through other means other than the pillars. If the termites were coming up the pillars the ant caps would have stopped them from going straight into the flooring.

Subfloor termites 1 Subfloor termites 2 Subfloor termites 3

July 2005:

The pictures below are of some termite damage in the beams. The danger with this situation (other than it can fall on someone or something) is that the termites can access the roof void even if a barrier treatment has been applied around the building. This is because the wood is in direct contact with the soil and the posts do not have adequate stirrups.

Termite damage in beams 1 Termite damage in beams 2

April 2005:

The pictures below were taken at a property in Koongamia. The termite trails on the wall appeared in seven hours and progressed fast towards the roof.

Termite trails 1

Upon the operator arriving at the property to so an inspection and spot treatment he was able to assess where they were coming up from the floor. They were coming up in an expansion gap under the carpet.

Termite trails 2

March 2005:

The pictures below are of a Termite nest found in the shed of at a house in Henley Brook. The shed was never used. The property had lots of problems with termites, so we were called in for a quote. It was at the quote that the nest was found and consequently we have treated the nest.

Termite nest 1 Termite nest 2 Termite nest 3

This is a picture of a termite gallery that they have built to gain access to the house. If you look closely you can see signs of the termites in between the floor boards. This picture below has had the front paneling removed.

Termites in floor boards 1 Termites in floor boards 2 Termites in floor boards 3

These pictures are close ups of the damage the termites have caused.

Close up termite damage 1 Close up termite damage 2 Close up termite damage 3

Termites attacked this wooden shelving in a shed.

Termites in shelving

Termite galleries coming up an internal wall.

Termites in internal wall

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