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Silverfish are a flat, wingless, whitish colour insect, that are very quick on their feet. They are mainly active at night when they are most likely to feed.

They prefer to live in dark and damp places by day. They can often be found in bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and basements, where the conditions are perfect for them to live. Sometimes they are found in a bathtubs, sinks or washbasins because they are unable to climb out. Large numbers may be found in new buildings when the masonry may still be damp.

They eat materials and foods that are high in protein, sugar and starch. Some of the items that can often be eaten by silverfish are books, wall paper, starch clothes, rayon fabrics, glue, bookbinding’s, paper, photographs, cereals, leather and even dead insects. They can go with out food for several months.

To reproduce the male silverfish drops a sperm capsule on the ground. The female then picks it up and transfers it to the appropriate part of the anatomy. Eggs are then laid in cracks and crevices, generally in small batches. A female silverfish may lay up to 100 eggs during her lifetime. The eggs usually hatch in 2-8 weeks and may look like the adult. Silverfish can start to reproduce from 3-24 months and can live as long as four years.

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