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Image of a roof rat Roof rat

Roof Rats:

Roof rats are generally smaller in size and more slender than the Norway rat. It has a pointed snout, larger ears and a tail longer than its body. It lives for about a year and can have up to five litters in this time.

They are often found indoors of buildings and around docks. They are more suited to city life. Here they can use their climbing skills to get up into high building and to climb across cables and branches to gain access to other buildings and roof voids.

They generally nest in roof voids and wall voids but may roam and feed freely all over the building. When outside they usually don’t burrow and are found in trees and vines. They consume a high amount of vegetables and fruit materials.

Life Cycle.

It normally lives for 9-12 months and can have as many as 4-5 Litters per year. Each litter may contain 6-8 young which only take about 3-4 months to reach sexual maturity.


They are creatures of habit and will take the same route of travel and feed from the same food sources for as long as possible. They gnaw constantly and do not always consume what they are gnawing.

They will nest in areas that provide suitable food and shelter. They are generally found to be a pest in autumn and winter because this is when they are more likely to move into a roof void as this may provide warmer conditions.

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