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Air-Con diagram

20 mm.

If required, glue fitting.

Protect your Chemical Barrier Against your Air Conditioner:

Do you have an air conditioner? Are you aware that the overflow from your air conditioner can break down a termite barrier? No!! Well there is a way of protecting this termite barrier and recycling water. It’s called an Evaporative Air Conditioner Adaptor.

The product is an adaptor that attaches to your air conditioner down pipe. You then point the elbow in the desired direction. Once this is completed you then need to attach a 19mm poly or ¾ garden hose to the air conditioner adaptor outlet and place it in the desired location (more than a meter away from your house). This can also double as a reticulation system if you drill holes in the hose and place it in a garden or near plants you wish to water.

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