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Why is Premise so Effective?

A Premise treatment effectively creates an extremely efficient in-ground trap that termites can't detect (the Premie Treated Zone).

Termites forge into the Premise Treated Zone and are killed one of three ways:

  1. Termites that ingest or contact enough Premise are killed outright.
  2. Those that only receive a low done of Premise become dysfunctional. They stop normal feeding and grooming of each other (which is an essential component of termite colony health) and become diseased and die.
  3. Many Premise-affected termites do find their way back to the colony. Other termites then receive a lethal dose through normal social interaction or cannibalism.

Long Lasting Protection of your Home.

Since the launch of Premise by Bayer, over 1 million homes have been successfully treated around the world (including well over 200,000 homes in Australia). Professional Pest Managers using Premise have found call-backs to be almost non-existant and there has not been a single case of product failure.

Premise can provide protection against termite damage for five years. This is backed up by local research carried out in conjunction with CSIRO.

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Premise is a product of Bayer.


Unlike other chemicals that repel termites, Premise when applied as a barrier treatment around a building the chemical spreads creating a treated zone. Termites can happily work into this treated zone without even realising they have entered the chemical. The moment they come in contact with the treated soil they are doomed.

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If a termite comes in to contact with the chemical it will die. Before it comes in contact with the higher concentrate of chemical it will forage through the soil were low concentrates are found. It is when the termites are foraging through this effected area that they stop feeding, become disorientated, cease grooming each other and neglect their environment. This allows natural fungi and micro-organisms in the soil to affect the termites and ultimately kill them.

Premise has no airborne residues and has no odour. Premise is a schedule 5, which is caution and is the only soil treatment for termites that is not classified hazardous according to the criteria of Work Safe Australia. Although Premise is lethal to termites, its specific mode of action is much less hazardous for humans, pets and wildlife. Premise uses the same active ingredients as some veterinary products that are applied to cats and dogs to control fleas.

We as a company advise that any pets and humans are away from the property for a least two hours. This is a company recommendation beyond the chemical recommendation and is applied to any chemical treatments that we carry out.

Once the barrier is placed at the property Stewarts recommend an Annual Termite Inspection be carried out to the property (as per Australian Standard) at least every twelve months. This is to ensure that the chemical barrier has not been disturbed, termites have not found away around the barrier and to make any recommendations to prevent the barrier been broken down.

Why Choose Premise.

Premise has been developed by Bayer, one of the leading Life Science companies in the world. With this come the confidence of thorough research and development and the re-arrurance of knowing the product comes from an ethical company with a strong commitment to sustainability.

Safe for you and the Environment.

We all want to protect our homes against termites but we also want to be confident that it is done effectively, safely and that, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, there is some solid backing behind the product that has been used.

Premise is based on a compound that Bayer sells for flea control on domestic animals, so although it is highly effective against termites it presents a very low risk to people pets and wildlife.

As part of the rigorous development programme, studies showed that use of Premise produced no airborne residues after a standard internet treatment, so it is possible to remain in your house while this is occurring (unlike some other termiticides).

Some information curtsey of Premise.

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