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These cockroaches glue their egg cases to the surface or deposit them in debris or food located in sheltered places.  These egg cases may contain up to sixteen eggs. A female can produce up to fourteen egg cases in its life time.

These cockroaches are very slow to develop and can take up to twenty months to mature.  These cockroaches are not common problems in domestic house holds because they take so long to develop.  A female and her offspring can produce up to two hundred cockroaches a year.

Oriental cockroach

Oriental Cockroaches:

The Oriental cockroach is dark brown to black in colour and about medium size in the cockroach world. The females have small wings and the males have slightly larger wing. They do not fly and can not climb smooth surfaces. Because of this they are quiet often found in sinks and bathtubs.

They prefer filth and can be found around drains, sewers, under subfloors and other damp, cold places like under sinks, refrigerators and washing machines providing these areas are damp. This cockroach is slow moving and feed mainly on organic matter but is now to feed on books and wall paper.

This cockroach is generally found in the southern parts of Australia because it prefers the cooler conditions.

Male and female cockroaches

Above - Male and Female

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