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November 2012.

New Termiticide - DuPont Altriset:

Stewarts has introduced a new termiticide by DuPont called Altriset.

This new product does the following:

You can visit DuPont's website for more information about this new product, or have a look at out Altriset page.

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Stewarts Joins the Social Media World:

Stewarts have recently joined the online social media world with the launch of several new interactive and collaborative profiles.

With social media now a world phenomenon, Stewarts have discovered new ways to communicate with you, and inform you about the ways in which they can protect your home or business. The launch of these new profiles is a step forward for Stewarts in the online world, following the recently re-designed new website.

Please visit the following links to see these new interactive profiles, informative videos and images, and also to hear the lastest news about the company and its valued clients.

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January 2012.

Termidor a Termites Nightmare:

Stewarts has found Termidor to be one of the most successful termite barrier chemicals.

Some other chemicals act as repellents. So the termites that come directly in contact with the chemical die and the other termites that have detected the chemical just continue randomly along the barrier until they locate a breach or gap in the barrier.

Once they have established a path into the building they usually enter undetected.

Termidor on the other hand is a non-repellent to termites. So the termites exposed to lower concentrates of Termidor don't detect the chemical and will not try to avoid it.

Therefore, the termites will continue to forage through the affected soil unaware that they have been affected and that their days are numbered. If they make it to the stronger applied chemical then they will die on contact.

Termites are social creatures and live in colonies. This means when affected termites return to the colony they share the Termidor around. Other termites become affected through the grooming process and are then doomed.

Through this unique Transfer Effect, the chemical can cause some of the nest to be killed off or even in some cases the entire nest.

This process is aided by the fact that the termites may take weeks to die depending upon the concentrate of Termidor the termite has been exposed to.

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January 2012.

Automatic Spray Dispensers:

These machines are great for anyone who is having a problem with any flying pests (fly's, mosquitos, moths, bees, etc).

Unlike residual treatments that relies on the pest to land on the treated area, the Automatic Spray Disperser disperses a chemical into the air. They can be used inside and outside. These machines are used in Commercial Kitchens, Kennels, offices, warehouses, domestic houses, BBQ areas and basically any area where there is a problem with flying pests.

Once installed, you can decide on what timed intervals you would like the machine to disperses the product and the machine can be turned off so that it only operates when there is a problem.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the Automatic Spray Dispensers, please contact us.