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Termite baiting:

Termite bait station Open termite bait station

How Termite Traps Work:

The window in the top serves two purposes:

  1. Termites just have to block out the light coming into their banqueting area; it's what they do
  2. Secondly, from our side, we can easily see any mud speckles which indicates they have arrived...thousands of them...

Usually enough to take sufficient poison back home to the colony to kill the queen, and the whole nest is dead in a few weeks.

Being mostly above ground level is important, When mud is discovered in the window, call Stewarts Pest Control and we will add the Termidor Dust. The termites can't help but take the Termidor Dust back and that's what kills off the whole colony.

Termites enter through the slots below ground level. Most of the termite action is in the top few inches of soil.

Termite trap nest to house Termite trap

Termite Baiting:


With products designed to be used inside or outside, monitoring stations can be used in almost any situation for the control of termites.

The baits are highly cellulose and are a preferred food source to wood for termites in most cases.

The baits contain the chemical Hexaflumuron. Hexaflumuron is a Chitin inhibitor. Chitin is what the outer shell of termites is made of. The Hexaflumuron inhibits the termites from producing chitin, which means when it comes time for the termite to molts (which occur many times in the life time of a termite) it is unable to and it dies.

Hexaflumuron is transferred to other termites through a process call Trophallaxis. Trophallaxis is the transferring of chemical messages and nutrients between the termites. This is how the baiting stations are able to eliminate a termite colony or nest. The time it takes to eliminate a nest or colony depends on the colony size.

The Monitoring Stations purpose is only to indicate when termites are present. After termites have struck a monitor then a baiting chamber or above ground aggregation device must be installed to obtain enough termites to treat.

Termite Traps:

Termite Traps can be installed at your property, which will allow you to monitor for termite activity around your property. The termite traps are placed around the house to help detect termites. They are full of highly attractant food sources.

Once termites have started to feed on the cardboard they will block off the light coming from the window at the top with mud.

By allowing you to monitor the stations, you save on inspection costs and then once it has become active, you contact Stewarts and we will attend the property for a small fee and apply Termidor Dust to the activity in the hope of eliminating to the termite nest.

It is still important to have an up to date Subterranean Termite Barrier around the building. This is because termites forage randomly, the termite traps don't actually kill the termites until the Termidor Dust is introduced.

If there is no termite barrier, than there is nothing to try and prevent termites from entering the building.

Termite trap next to house 2

It is also important that Annual Termite Inspections be carried out. This is recommended regardless of what control measure is being used at the property and is recommended by Australian standards.

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