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Image of house mouse

House Mouse:

The house mouse (also known as the field mouse) is small, has large ears, a pointed snout and a tail as long as its body length. Indoor mice are more likely to be a darkish grey colour where as those that mainly live outside are more of a sandy or yellow brown colour.

They live for about twelve months and can have up to ten litters. Because of their size it makes it easier for them to gain access to a house than a rat. Also they are able to nest in more areas like cupboards that store foods, furniture, as well as the roof and wall voids. When found outside they nest in burrows.

Mice are very good climbers, jumpers and swimmers. They eat a variety of food but enjoy cereals and grain. They generally feed at night. They are considered a pest because of the gnawing, nibbling and contamination of foods with their urine and droppings.

Mice damage:

Image of mice damage 1 Image of mice damage 2

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