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The female carries the egg around with her until just prior to hatching. One egg case may contain any where between thirty to forty eggs. Development form hatching to adult is very quick taking as little as forty days.

One female German cockroach and her offspring can produce up to thirty thousand cockroaches in one year. Because of their ability to reproduce so quickly they are a common problem that are quiet hard to get rid of.

German cockroach

German Cockroaches:

This cockroach is on of the most common domestic and commercial pests. They can quiet often be found in kitchens and bathrooms but may be seen in other parts of the house if there is a high population.

This cockroach is light brown with two dark stripes on their head and is very small in size. The possess wings but may not fly. This means that most infestations are from eggs being brought into the property in packages or in apartment blocks they can come from neighbours.

They are more active in the summer when conditions are ideal for breeding and are mainly nocturnal creatures. If seen during the day this will normally indicate a high population.

These cockroaches will eat anything organic and can generally be responsible for infestations in restaurants, canteens, factories, café, bars, clubs, hospitals, hotels and domestic homes.

German cockroaches

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