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FMC Million Dollar Warranty:

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FMC Million Dollar Accredited Operators:

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Eflex - Total Termite Security:

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FMC Million Dollar Warranty:

Secure your home Australia, with the most innovative, comprehensive and proven range of Termite Management Solutions ever.

Australia... Who can help secure your home against the destructive force that causes more damage annually than all of our other natural disasters combined... Termites?

Stewarts and FMC ...that's who.

Since 1883, the world's leading companies and their customers have relied on FMC for the best agricultural and pest control solutions. In Australia, FMC has been providing quality pest and crop management products to home and industry since 1975.

In 1994 FMC developed Biflex, which has become Australia's most widely used and successful termite barrier product. Over one million Australian properties have been protected with Biflex.

Now, Stewarts and FMC Australasia proudly sets new benchmarks with the Elfex range of responsible termite management products and the ultimate termite management commitment to the Australian consumer - the FMC One Million Dollar Manufacturer's Warranty against termite damage.

FMC Million Dollar Warranty:

FMC wanted to make their commitment to the Australian homeowner absolute and transparent. Knowing that most general household insurance does not cover termite damage, Stewarts and FMC have introduced the ultimate termite secure warranty for Australian homeowners.

A no-nonsense, simple warranty covering all structural and decorative timbers that are protected by an Elfex termite barrier which has been installed by a Stewarts Eflex Accredited Operator.

Eflex Accredited Operators:

Stewarts specially trained FMC Eflex Accredited Operators can arrange the FMC Million Dollar Warranty. (Warrenties will be issued by FMC when Eflex products have been used to the recommendations of all relevant Australian standards, registered label instructions and the Stewarts Accredited Operator).

For building pre-construction applications Stewarts and FMC have the termite management system HomeGuard. HomeGaurd products must also be installed by a HomeGuard Accredited Operator to qualify for the FMC Million Dollar Warranty.

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