house for sale cartoonPre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections:

Stewarts Pest Control provides Timber Pest Inspections in Accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3.

All our Technicians are Timber Pest Inspection qualified.

We can use the current detection equipment available so as not to miss any timber pest problem areas.

Our report is comprehensive:

•We report on type of structure
•The areas we have inspectedhouse for sale sign
•All current timber pests are reported (termites, borers and wood decay)
•All evidence of past timber pest damage (termites, borers and wood decay)
•Areas that may lead to attack from timber pests are reported

The report goes over any past visual termite damage. This is very important especially if you are purchasing a property, because if there is extensive visual termite damage in the roof that has been treated it may need to be replaced. Other reports that do not detail past or old damage at the property will not alert you to this.

Therefore if you have a visual termite inspection that does not detail old damage and no live termites are found at the property but large amounts of old damage are present this will not be reported on. You can be given a false sense of security if the old damage is structural.