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The Excel station:

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Excel - Sentricon AG Termite Bait:

When you have found termite activity in your home.

Firstly, don't panic!

FMC's Eflex range can totally eliminate the termite colony (or colonies) attacking your home using our proven, documented process.

Secondly, don't be confused about which is the best product or method to use, for example, repellent vs. non-repellent barriers. The decision is not repellent vs. non-repellent, liquid application or dusting. When choosing the solution to active termites in your home, there is only one approach to consider and demand, PROVABLE TOTAL TERMITE COLONY ELIMINATION with an Australian Government registered elimination termite bait. At FMC we know you are about to make a very important decision to secure your home both now and for the future.

If you don't eliminate the colony in a documented, proven way, you will have no proof of elimination, giving rise to a false sense of security. You could still be open to further attack and damage in the future from the same colony. If treated termites die too soon (before infecting the entire colony) they will block further access by ceasing activity in the treated area. A termite queen can live for up to 25 years and while she survives, a colony can regenerate. In time (perhaps six to twenty four months) they can unexpectedly return to forage in the same area.

Treatment does take time but with Eflex the result will be assured and proven.


  1. Stewarts Eflex Accredited Operator will conduct a full inspection to ascertain all visible termite activity.
  2. They will then place an Excel termite bait station in an appropriate feeding site.
  3. The Excel bait matrix is the most proven and widely used in the world. Once feeding commences on the cellulose bait, the entire termite colony will be eliminated as bait is transferred throughout the termite population.
  4. Stewarts Eflex Accredited Operator will check, recharge and add further bait (as required) every two - four weeks in order to minimise further damage and procure successful feeding. Depending on the time of year, geography, termite species and termite pressure, total colony elimination can, in most cases, be achieved and confirmed within two - six months.
  5. Once the colony is eliminated, your home will then be back in a neutral position and Stewarts Eflex Accredited Operator can install a Biflex barrier to defend against and repel future termite threats.

By installing your Biflex barrier as per Australian Standards and label recommendations, you will be eligible for your FMC Million Dollar Warranty. And you'll avoid the high annual maintenance costs often associated with other managed termite colony elimination systems!

Biflex and Excel - the best of both worlds.

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