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Image of evaniid wasp

Evaniid Wasp:

This little parasitic wasp is about 1/4 to 1/3 of and inch long. The wasps generally completely black but can be orange, brown or yellow. They do not sting or bit humans or pets. 

This wasp lays their eggs inside the egg case off cockroaches. The female does this by penetrating to the tough skin of the egg case with her abdomen. Then she lays her egg inside the cockroach case. This process can take anywhere between fifteen minutes to half an hour to complete.

Once inside the larva feeds on a single egg then as it matures it attacks other roach eggs in the capsule. Because of how slow the process is there needs to be a high population of these wasps inside a building for there to be any affect on a cockroach infestation.

Unfortunately I am not aware of this particular parasitic wasp existing in Australian as yet. Although other parasitic wasps do exist in Australian this particular wasps is documented to be existing in America and Canada. I will continue to research this wasp and update this page accordingly. 

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