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Black house spider Black house spider

Black House Spiders:

The Common House spider or Black House spider is generally black to grey in colour. A lot of spiders found around a property or inside houses are either this spider or from this family of spiders.

They are commonly found around windows, fences, pergolas, eaves and other areas that provide shelter, food and security. The web of this spider is tunnel like, it is usually obvious, roughly round and an entry hole. The female spider never leaves its nest unless forced to and she will repair the nest. The female stays with the sac and guards it. The sac maybe hidden inside the web or a near by crevice.

They generally feed on insects, usually ones that are attracted to light because they fall in their webs. The White-Tailed spider is one of these spider’s enemies.

The Common House spider or Black House spider has a nasty bite but not a deadly bite. They are usually very timid and most bite occurs when people attempt to move the nest or annoy them. Their bites are very painful and can cause local swelling. Other symptoms may occur such as nausea, vomiting, sweating and giddiness.

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