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Different types of Cockroaches:

Large cockroach

Harbourage Area Under Kitchen Bench:

Harbourage area under kitchen bench

Infestation Behind Fridge:

Infestation Behind Fridge

Crack and Crevice:

Crack and crevice


Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures that are generally only seen during the day if there is a high population. Cockroaches are scavengers, feeding on dead animal and plant matter.

There are many species of cockroaches, a few of the most common ones are the German, American, Australian, Brownbanded, Oriental and Smokybrown.

These cockroaches can be found in Australia and can carry diseases such Salmonella and gastro.

Cockroaches can be found in the kitchen, roof voids, subfloor voids, warehouses, food stores, bakeries, restaurants, hospitals, factories, garages, sheds, around drains and under leaf litter or bark litter outside.

Cockroach habits and why they are in your home.

Cockroaches exploit the environment for food and shelter. Many kitchen environments can provide all year round warmth, food and shelter which may support literally thousands of cockroaches.

Cockroaches contaminate foods and food preparation areas with droppings, casts skins, empty egg cases, dead cockroaches, vomit and odors caused by abdominal secretions. Infestations of cockroaches are generally regarded as a threat to human health.

What you can do to prevent further infestations.

  1. A very high level of sanitation and hygiene, which will reduce the food and shelter available to the cockroaches. This involves cleaning-up after food handling should be immediate, thorough and regular. Dishes and utensils should not be left unwashed overnight. Pet food bowls should not be left overnight.
  2. Water availability should be kept to a minimum. Do not leave water containers or leave accumulated water (ie leaky tap water from cleaning activities).
  3. Foods should be stored in tight containers. Cereals, flours, meats and all other food materials should be kept in the refrigerator or in containers that can be tightly stored.
  4. Garbage should be sealed in tightly closed containers.
  5. Where possible cracks and crevices that may harbour cockroaches should be filled in. All entry points around pipes, through floors and walls.
  6. All equipment should be kept above ground level where possible to avoid waste build up.
  7. Regular clean up of longer term build up of waste foods (eg. grease accumulation around stove and vents, or spilt food materials.

Cockroach treatment preparation.

  1. All crockery and cutlery should be removed from the cupboards and they should be placed on a table and covered. The cupboard should then be wiped clean.
  2. All rubbish should be removed and the grease cleaned off stoves.
  3. All personal belongings and children’s toys should be picked up off the floor.
  4. After the treatment all crockery and cutlery should be placed straight back into the cupboard and the cupboard should not be wiped.

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