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Case Study - The Lucky One:

Lucky the inspection was done.

This property was for sale before termite activity was noticed.There were three nests on the property of two different species.The house is in a well established area with a park land surrounding and a stream bordering the property.The owners did not notice any termite activity until it was pointed out by our Stewarts inspector.

The under side of the home like most had storage facilities, in this case the owners stored fire wood along with other items.The fire wood has been attacked yet the other timbers that are treated with CCA haven’t. This is worse than timber being eaten by termites it is a termite nest and when they were finished with the fire wood they would be attacking the eatable parts of the home (carpet books furniture and un-treated timbers). A nest protected like this and so close to a home can cause huge damage in a very short time.

What adds to the huge potential problem is that the nest can increase in size un-noticed on valueless fire wood and when this depletes there would be a large termite population attacking the home very quickly from within.

Out in the garden an over grown tree with dead limbs looks suspicious. Termite damaged trees often have branches dying and loose limbs. On closer inspection another nest is uncovered. In another part of the garden a large stump is used as a garden feature.

The third nest is in the base of the stump and may have been there when the tree was pulled over. This nest might have been the original demise of this tree. If so it could have been saved.

All in all the new owners are lucky Stewarts inspected the property before they purchased it. The old owners are lucky also as if they had not been selling, the termite nest under the hone was nearly due to perform a major onslaught on the property which would have been very expensive in damage and termite treatment work, not to mention the stress anxiety and emotional trauma.

The nests in the tree base and stump were also of significant risk to the property and also would have eventually attacked the house.
This is one lucky building.

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