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Adult Carpet Beetle:

Carpet beetle

Carpet Beetle and Larva:

Carpet beetle and larva

Carpet Beetle Larva:

Carpet beetle larva

Carpet Beetles:

Carpet beetles originally get their name from the fact that they feed on wool carpets. Today most of our carpets are made from synthetic materials, but this does not mean that they are any less of a problem because of their diverse diets.

They are known to feed on any item composed of animal fibers such as wool, furs, silk, feather, felt and leather. They may also feed on clothing, beddings and floor coverings. Only the larva feed on fabric and cause damage. The adult beetles feed on flowers. They feed in dark, undisturbed areas such as closets, attics, along and under carpet edging, under furniture, air conditioning ducts where they feed on lint, pet hair and other debris. They are also known to eat bees and wasp nests, stored foods such as dried meats, seeds, grains and cereals.

There are a number of species of carpet beetles that are active in Australia, but the most commonly encountered species are the variegated carpet beetle and the black carpet beetle. These beetles are usually oval-shaped about 5mm long. The larva is usually red-brown in color with stiff bristles over the body surface.

For more information on carpet beetles or to book a treatment contact us.

Personal Experience with Carpet Beetles:

Recently I had found an infestation of variegated carpet beetles at my house. If it had not been for the fact that I work for a Pest Control Company then I would have not thought much of their larva. To determine if they are present in your house the easiest way to check is the carpet edging up against the wall for the larva.

Once I had realized that I had carpet beetles, I spring cleaned the house, vacuuming every room and had the carpets steam cleaned. Then one of our operators came in and treated all areas of the house including the roof. The roof may seem like a weird place for the beetles to get into but the our experienced operator informed me that they always seem to get into the roof. He was right too because a few days later on a table where there was a small crack in the cornicing of the roof I found dead larva that had fallen threw.

The encounter with this pest was not a pleasant experience; I count myself lucky that only minimal damage was caused because of the fact of early detection. I have bug specimens at home that were stored in a spare room. These specimens were literally turned to dust by the larva breeding and eating the dead bugs. A large number of beetles were found around this area. Unfortunately for many people it is more important items like flooring rugs and pillows or bedding that gets attacked.

Once carpet beetles have been detected treatment is essential, ignoring the problem will not make then go away, they will just increase in number and attack more aggressively. To discuss treatments or to find out more information contact us.

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