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The female glues the egg cases to surfaces. One egg case may contain up to eighteen eggs and can take a couple of weeks to hatch. The egg cases are generally glued in dark places like under furniture and in closets. A female and her offspring can produce up to six hundred cockroaches in one year.

Brown banded cockroach

Brown Banded Nest:

Brown banded nest

Brownbanded Cockroaches:

This cockroach is very small and can often infest inside buildings. Unlike German cockroach that infests kitchens and food handling areas, the Brownbanded cockroach will infest all areas of a building.

This cockroach prefers warm condition and can often be found around warm appliances like radios and televisions. Because they prefer the warmer conditions they are not found to infest apartments and homes that have air conditioners as much as those that don’t.

They have wings and can fly. They are often pale brown in colour with two brown banded across their wings.  They prefer to eat starchy foods, which is why they can often be found in offices and other place that store paper.

Because of the fact that they may infest entire building it can make them difficult to control. Stewarts can organize a maintenance program for your property to treat any species of cockroach.

Brown banded cockroaches

Brown banded cockroaches are the smallest species, growing to about 1/2 inch. It is light brown and is easily distinguished by two lighter, transverse bands running from one side to the other across the wings.They are transported in furniture and spread rapidly throughought a structure.

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