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Stewarts recommend with any chemical barrier that is applied an Annual Termite Inspection to be carried out at least every twelve months after the Initial Termite treatment (as per Australian Standards). This is to make sure the barrier has not been breached and to make any recommendations to stop the barrier being broken down.

Biflex Aqua Max:

Product Description.

Biflex AquaMax was the first ever professional strength, multi use insecticide and termiticide. Effective on a wide range of common household pests and all termite species in Australia, the unique water based formulation is non-staining and odourless, giving users and clients comfort without sacrificing efficacy or longevity. Having the highest active ingredient loading of any of the bifenthrin waterbased formulations (100g/L bifenthrin) Biflex AquaMax is packed with the power to protect at a price you can afford.

Effective Against:


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