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The female cockroach carries the egg case around with it for about 6 days. Then she cements it to a protected surface where it can take up to two months to hatch.

Each egg case can contain up to sixteen eggs. An adult lifespan is between 6-12 months and a female can produce up to fifty egg cases in this time. A female and her offspring can produce up to eight hundred cockroaches a year.

American cockroach

American Cockroaches:

This cockroach is one of the largest, most commonly found, domestic cockroaches. They have two large wings, a reddish brown-brown or mahogany colour and can generally be found out doors.

They are more of a problem in the warmer months when they are most likely to fly. Even though they prefer to live outside they can still inhabit walls, subfloors and roof voids.

They may also be found around drains, sewers, rubbish dumps, as well as domestic and commercial properties. They prefer to eat organic matter but may eat food scraps, book bindings, paper and clothes.

American cockroaches

The video below shows an American Cockroach.

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