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DuPont Altriset Termicide

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In the past, many homeowners have had reservations about getting a termite treatment because it meant lots of toxic chemicals being spread around their home, which were perceived as a potential harm to their family, their pets and the environment.

DuPont™ Altriset® termiticide will change the way you think about termite treatments. It's made from a new chemical compound derived from nature that only targets termite muscles. That means Altriset® not only provides highly effective termite control, it's also setting new standards in safety. The safety profile allows me to use it around your home with confidence, knowing that it has minimal impact on you, your family and the environment. Its toxicological profile is so advanced that I don't have to wear protective equipment when applying, such as overalls, goggles and gloves.

DuPont Altriset:


  1. Non-repellent chemistry – termites will pass through Altriset® treated soil without detecting it, allowing them to pick up a lethal dose.
  2. Affects insect muscles (not the nervous system like other termiticides).
  3. Affected termites increase their aggregation and mutual grooming, helping to spread Altriset® to others until the entire colony becomes exposed.

With world-class performance and an unparalleled safety and environmental profile, Altriset® is the solution the termite industry has been waiting for.

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Scenario 1.

You’re due for your termite inspection. It’s important to inspect and treat your home regularly to protect your home and your family from the damaging impact of termites.

After your inspection, you may have the misfortune of discovering you have active termites in your home, in which case a termite treatment will be necessary. Another possibility is that following the inspection, your home may be considered at high risk of termite attack and you may need to consider a preventative termite treatment. Either way, DuPont™ has created an innovative and totally new termite product that makes protecting your home a less intimidating experience.

DuPont™ Altriset® termiticide is made from a new chemical compound that only targets termite muscles. This means, whilst it is deadly to termites, it has a great safety profile for your family, your pets and the environment. Its safety profile is so advanced that I don't have to wear protective equipment when applying, such as overalls, goggles and gloves.

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